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Advertising school holiday programmes


We don’t spend any budget on advertising our school holiday programmes. Here’s what we do that generates high visitation:

  • we have an email list that is specifically for parents who would like to know about upcoming events for their kids. We email them about two weeks before the school holiday to let them know what’s coming up.

  • posters on the back of toilet doors here at the garden – these are a real winner! We survey how people find out about school holiday programmes (and other events) and these posters always come out on top.
  • local community newspapers – we sometimes advertise in their free community event listings.
  • flags on site – we set up our flags as well as blackboards with information and this works well. The flags have whiteboards attached and we simply write the info on the whiteboards.


  • social media and website – we advertise our events on both. Facebook doesn’t get a lot of people coming to events, but our website is well used for event info.

Note: in winter we notice lower visitation and would consider this in future as an opportunity to use some marketing budget to advertise our programmes.

How about you? Share how you advertise your programmes.


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