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World Environment Day Celebrations at Adelaide Botanic Garden


World Environment Day is the United Nation’s most important day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment.

Since 1996, Adelaide Botanic Garden has hosted tens of thousands of South Australian school students as well as their teachers and caregivers at what is now the state’s largest World Environment Day event.

On June 5 2017, three thousand Reception (Prep) to Year 7 students were greeted with perfect weather and participated in a range of interactive environmental presentations covering important topics from Aboriginal tools for living, preserving endangered species and native bees and spiders, through to worms and compost, food security and feral invaders.

The 35 presenters on the day were a combination of Botanic Gardens and State Herbarium staff, the SA Seed Conservation Centre, Garden Guides as well as external presenters such as Sea Shepherd, NRM Education, SA Museum, authors, Biosecurity, Cleland Wildlife Park and Adelaide Zoo.

World Environment Day at Adelaide Botanic Gardens continues to be a highly successful every year and schools add this as a regular feature to their annual calendar.

For more information about our event, do not hesitate to contact Education Coordinator Aaron Harrison:

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