BGEN Meeting Minutes


February 2017 – download the meeting minutes here: bgen-committee-meeting-minutes-17-februray-2017-2. Next meeting: March 2017

December 2016 – download the minutes here: bgen-minutes-december-2016.

August 2016 – notes below

Meeting 26 August  2016 12.30pm Eastern Australian Daylight Saving time, 11.30am Queensland, 2.30pm Auckland Daylight Saving Time.

BGEN Teleconference

Chair: Sharon Willoughby (RBG Vic)

Secretary [Minutes]: Michael Connor

Attendance:  Maya Harrison (Mackay), Julia Watson (Auckland), Stephen Speer ( Nat BG), Michael Connor (WBG), Sharon Willoughby (RBG Vic)

Apologies:  Liz Smith

Agenda & Minutes

  • BGEN WordPress Page: to access the site put together by Sharon & Julia. We all have editorial option but only S & J can delete this site.  No Need for a password. The idea is that this is a relaxed, quick sharing site.

Skills Finder: Could we all input a brief bio, photo and our skills set onto the page? Input and group information into Tag clouds (categories). This will make it easier for others to access information later. Back up information to save blog, by saving in Word format, on your own computer. Updates may be slow because this is an American program and updates are in their time zone.

  • Committee Members:

We still need members from South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.  All members agreed to let people in their region know that there is an opportunity to be part of the committee, or to just share the resources via WordPress page as editors.

  • BGANZ Victoria Plants Forum 8 & 9th September 2016, Dunkeld Grampians.

This important forum still has spots available. The focus is on Rare and Threatened plants, with ideas for establishing an R & E collection in Botanic Gardens and planning interpretive programs and tours around the collection

  • Around the traps

Michael’s Science week program for August 2016 (The Ghost of Courtney Puckey, and the Wonders of Salt) based at the BG annex-Puckey’s Estate was a success mainly because he was able to attract partners through an Inspiring Australia grant. He learned a great deal about the capacity to improve a program by bringing in fresh eyes and minds (i.e. partners) and by having extra support. (Michael)

Steve outline a number of exciting projects occurring at the National BG. Including planning for a National Conservatory, with an aim to increase visitation to the Garden by 10%, establish an inspirational interpretive experience. This should take three years to build. There is also an interactive art project planned; The Tree House Gazebo. This is a horizontal tree house with the aim of engaging families.  The Garden is also working on a Parks Tour walking track to link the Garden via 40 hectare bushland to the National Arboretum. They are also working on a strategy, Parks Australia China Ready Program to cater to overseas visitors. Finally the Garden is doing improving their Children’s Trail and Aboriginal plant use program with some left over money in the budget.

Julia from Auckland BG has been working on a program called ‘Big Display Gardening in Small Spaces’, to cater to the growing trend of people living in apartments and smaller spaces. This will be supported by leaflets, plant lists, and displays in the garden together with share phone apps.  Also Photos of the garden are being used in Paint by Numbers with lists of recommend plants.

Maya was super impressed with the work we are all doing, but is being patient at the moment , holding the fort and working on business as usual, while she lobbies for much needed extra support.

Sharon has been fiddling with the Website and dealing with Mr Bret Ganz-who it seems is often confused with our Committee.   The findings of her recent Trip to the Miami BG Education Congress can be viewed via Hot Links.

Conclusion to the Meeting: Try the Blog, work on a strategy to attract new members and Remember the catch phrase from the Martian

Next Meeting: Friday 26th September 12.30 EST-(not yet in daylight saving-it starts in October)