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Spring school holiday programme

We’ve got some fun activities planned for the upcoming school holidays. We’ve created a mixture of bookable workshops and drop-in activities to ensure a wide range of styles within the programme as well as to reach different audiences.

We are using a blend of staff, volunteers and external providers to assist with offering the programme. All advertising has been through free media so it will be interesting to see what numbers of participants we have.

What are your plans for school holiday programmes?school-holiday-poster

Great Ideas for Simple Activities


The UK based Woodland Trust has great downloadable worksheets and activities.  A great goto page when you are looking for new ideas to enliven the school holidays.

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Why we love surveys

We survey all of our visitors at every event we run, from guided walks to workshops, displays and school holiday programmes. We then use this information to change the way we do things at future events, or to keep doing things our visitors are loving! We luckily have a lovely volunteer who does all of our data entry for us. Continue reading “Why we love surveys”

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Advertising school holiday programmes


We don’t spend any budget on advertising our school holiday programmes. Here’s what we do that generates high visitation:

  • we have an email list that is specifically for parents who would like to know about upcoming events for their kids. We email them about two weeks before the school holiday to let them know what’s coming up.

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